Our company is sustainable for our workers, their families, and their communities - at all levels of our supply chain.⁠ Shockingly, only 5% of major clothing brands could show that they were paying a living wage to all of their manufacturing workers.⁠ That's not good enough. We believe that companies should know where and how their clothes are produced. ⁠⁠

Proudly Made in the EU

We are proudly partnered with Lithuanian manufacturers who are certified to be ethical and transparent (above and beyond the existing EU labour laws).


Taking Responsibility

We acknowledge that simply finding a certified ethical manufacturer isn't good enough. Our team at EHA has personally visited all the factories we use and met with employees. We strive to ensure that our business practices always incentivize the right kind of actions.

The Journey of Our Clothes

Journey of our Clothes Infographic - Earth Heart Apparel

Organic Cotton is Grown

In the case of recycled polyester, plastic is collected for processing. Both our organic cotton and recycled polyester are certified to be as sustainable as possible.

Cotton Fibres Are Woven Into Fabric

The organic cotton (or recycled polyester) fibres are processed and spun to create yarn, which is then woven into fabric.

Fabric is Made Into Clothes

The fabric is then cut and sewn to create our clothes. Manufactured in factories certified for being ethical and transparent.

Clothes Are Shipped to Us, Then Sold to You

We ship all our clothes in sustainable packaging to further reduce our environmental impact.

End of Use

While we'd like to think our clothes will last forever, we realize that you may outgrow them at some point. Consider donating them, or repurposing them for something else (such as rags).