The fashion and textile industry is one of the top polluters in the world. It produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined - more than the combined annual emissions of France, Germany, and the UK.

We want to be part of the solution, which is why we’ve committed to using the most sustainable fibres and materials available.
  • Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton

    Conventional cotton uses more harmful pesticides and insecticides than any other major crop. The production of 1 kg of cotton garments takes up to 3 kg of chemicals, which contaminate water sources and damage soil.

    Our clothes are made using organic cotton, which eliminates the need for pesticides, uses less vital drinking water, and leads to healthier soils (and farmers).

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  • Plastic bottles in shape of recycling symbol

    Recycled Polyester

    Recycled polyester helps prevent plastic waste from ending up in the landfill - or worse, the ocean. It uses 59% less energy to produce than virgin polyester, and is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 32%.

    Instead of using new materials (i.e., petroleum), recycled polyester uses existing plastics such as used water bottles. That's why we use GRS certified recycled polyester in our clothes.

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EHA - Earth Heart Apparel cardboard box

Our Packaging

Plastic packaging - most of which is discarded after a single use - is responsible for 26% of the total volume of plastic used worldwide, and 3 billion trees are cut down every year to make paper packaging.

That's why our products will be shipped using recycled (and recyclable) materials. Just another step towards creating a more sustainable future.